Abus Granit Plus 640 Review

Abus Granit Plus 640

Abus Granit Plus 640

The Abus Granit Plus 640 is a U-lock made of hardened steel. The shackle is rounded along its length. The shackle is double bolted in the lock body. The shackle , the case and all the supporting elements of the locking mechanism are made from hardened steel. Abus also claims to have used very intensive special weight-optimized alloy and light material. the cylinder used is the proprietary Abus Plus type, claimed to provide high protection against manipulations and attacks. Abus provides two keys for the lock, including with LED light for visibility during dark hours. The buyer can use Abus code card for ordering additional and replacement keys when needed. This has this additional feature where one can order locks that would open with the same key.  The Granit plus 640 is the launched to replace the Granit 64. The Granit plus 640 is easier to use due to the new ball mechanism that holds the shackle while locking. The Abus Granit plus 640 protects (to some extent) against twist attacks, pull attacks and cuts that require the shackle be cut on both sides for releasing the bicycle.

The Abus Granit plus 640 weighs 860 grams only. It has the dimension of 15cm by 8.3cm by 1.2 cm. In other words it’s a very compact U-lock with a very portable weight. The manufacturer Abus claims that this product is very effective and assures good protection in high theft risk scenario. The Sold Secure score is silver level, which means it is a decent lock to buy for $85.

However, the Abus Granit plus 640 feels rickety to hold in the hand and one would need to fiddle with the keys to get the teeth of the shackle in place to lock or unlock. The Abus locking mechanism has a great advantage over their competitors as it uses four locking points on the shackle. As each shackle has two locking points, one can’t just cut one side of the lock and twist the remaining piece of the shackle open. In other words a thief will have to use a grinder to cut through both sides of the lock in order to steal it since bolt cutters can’t make it through the shackle. The Abus Granit plus 640 is clearly not theft proof, but it surely can delay the theft, which means there is a chance that someone can see the attempt being made while the act is still in progress. It’s apparent that heavier locks provide better security against leverage attacks. However the Granit plus 640 is rated 12/15 on Abus’s own rating scale as the Granit plus 640 is stronger for its weight.

As apparent from the analysis above, the Granit plus 640 is good budget U-lock. Overall Abus locks have very strong reputation for build quality and reliability. The Abus Granit plus 640 is no exception as the build quality assures long term reliability and perhaps there are no drawbacks to this lock.  In a nutshell the Abus Granit plus 640 is a lightweight and decently secure bicycle lock.