The three most substantial bike lock in the world are OnGuard, Kryptonite, and Abus; they are considered to be the best bike locks in the world. All three brands are unique in particular features, so it’s hard to decide which one is best among the three. The three different brands differ in their price, customer service, their reliability, build quality, etc.

Abus vs. Kryptonite vs. OnGuard

Proceed below to check out their difference in these three essential quality features.

Reliability & Build Quality

Considering the brand Abus, they are awarded for their reputation for reliability and quality. Their locks are designed and constructed with quality features so that they can last even in any adverse weather conditions and come for an extended period. Most of the locks are double bolted which is one of the security feature, the steel materials used in the locks have the best strength.

When taking the other brands OnGuard and Kryptonite, they are US brands who get their locks manufactured from China and Taiwan. Abus is a European brand, most of the european brands have more reputation when compared to the other places. Kryptonite does not match the entire reputation of reliability and quality, but they are well made and are capable of lasting for an extended period in any adverse weather conditions.

OnGuard has less reputation for quality and reliability when compared to the other two brands, similar to that they have the right features as per their capabilities.


Abus is more costly when compared to the other two brands; this is because of the brand and manufacturer countries. Kryptonite locks are expensive but not much as the Abus. Onguard bolts are the ones that are developed to be less in price when compared.

Customer Service

All the three brands provide an offer of crucial replacement service, but there is some difference in their sale services. Abus never advertise about their customer services and OnGuard has less reputation while taking their sales support. Kryptonite brands are declared outstanding in providing the best customer service.

Anti-Theft Protection

Both OnGuard and Kryptonite provides the feature in their some set of the lock, in case if your bike is stolen they will take the responsibility and pay you the value as per the lock security. The only downside is that their conditions make people crazy as they involve the different and challenging set of requirements to pay for the bike locks.

Here are some of them in detail. You need to get registered to the scheme within 15 days of purchasing the lock, and this is not free for any of them. The amount you need to pay depends on the lock type, protection length and comes between $1 to $30 and this would cover three years of coverage.

If your bike is stolen, then you need to notify the OnGuard or Kryptonite within one week and also you should have reported about the theft within 72 hours to the police. If you need to claim the lost bike or your need, then you need to send the following to Onguard or Kryptonite immediately.

When compared Kryptonite provides the best program when compared to others, OnGuard has a problematic registration process and also some restrictive conditions to follow for claiming during the anti-theft or in the case of your lock gets broken.

Bottom Line

The overall comparison and differences of the bike locks indicate that all three brands are unique in each of their features so our result would be a draw. You could choose Abus for the reliability & Quality, Kryptonite for their excellent customer service and OnGuard for their affordable price.

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