How to Choose the Best Bike Lock | A Buying Guide


Are you searching for the best bike lock to secure your bike?  I am sure a few of you may be rolling your eyes and thinking, “why do I need a bike lock?”  However, anyone who has ever had a bike stolen knows the importance of this simple accessory.

Today, theft is a common issue and crime around the world.  To prevent it, you need to know how to choose the right bike lock for you and your bike.

What are the things you need to look for when you are going to get a bike lock?

The best bike lock will protect your bike from theft, but also be easy to use in your daily life.  Do you think that choosing the best bike lock is easy?  It can be quite complicated so be sure to check a few important aspects before buying one.

Choosing the right brand and right type of lock is important to get the full security from the product.  You also want to look for a lock that is durable, reliable and safe for your bike. Check out the below video that explains about what are all factors that you must check while choosing a bike lock.

How to check the security for a bike lock?

Before knowing the security, you need to know what strength lock you are in need.  Determining this is an easy process.

First, you should ask yourself, are you living in a vast city or a university campus? Does your bike attract attention or will your bike be left unattended for long periods?

If so, you need a bike lock with high security when compared to someone who lives in a smaller town with less risk.

How to check the strength of a lock?

It may not matter if you lock your bike if a thief thinks they can break it.  The strength of the lock and how it appears to potential criminals is important.  We have to check the strength of the lock in order to avoid any problems.

Thieves can easily cut locks that are less than 13mm or cables from 13-15mm with the use of bolt cutters.

However, if you are using a lock with the thickness of 16mm or above, thieves will not be able to cut these bike locks with any bolt cutters or other equipment.

How to test your bike locks?


Would you believe me if I said you can analyze and test your bike locks for strength?  Yes, it is true!  It is possible using three methods: independent security testing, online tests and the rating of the lock itself.

When comparing these types of testing, I will always choose independent security testing to analyze my bike lock.

Here is a youtube video, in which, they test all type of bike locks with tools.

Why Independent Security Testers are best when compared to others?

Independent security testing is best because they have several standardized methods to test the locks.  There are different types of locks that can be tested using these methods.

No matter what the lock, the ratings can be checked.  First, security testers will examine the lock to see how long it can withstand an attack from tools such as bolt cutters, hammers, HSS hacksaws, etc. to check the bike lock.

While you can do online testing, they can give false information too, so this is not the preferred method.  Also, lock brand ratings will have different reviews, providing some confusion on which one to choose.

What type of bike lock do you need?

After testing your lock, you should now have a better understanding of what lock to choose.  There are four major brands and types of locks on the market today, namely, U-Locks, Folding Locks, Chain Locks and Cable Locks. View the

View the below-attached video that has great guidance to choose the best type of bike lock for you.

The price, security and practical experiences will differ with each various types of bike locks.

  • U-Locks: If you are in need of a bike lock for the security, then U-Lock is the right pick.
  • Chain Locks: Are you searching for the bike lock at an affordable rate? Then a chain lock would be the right choice.
  • Cable Locks: Are you in need of a bike lock that has the good practicability? Then this would be the right pick, but security cannot be assured in this type of lock, so never buy this kind of lock.
  • Folding Locks: The price, practicability, and safety is almost equal in this sort of bike locks.

What is the right brand to choose the best bike lock for you?

You will probably find a large selection of bike locks made by different brands on the market, however, not every brand will provide 100% security.  Some of these brands may also be more expensive than others.

I have researched, analyzed and tested different brands from the market and have listed the ones that are the best.  These locks are made from high quality materials, they are durable and also popular.

The best brands are Abus, Kryptonite, and OnGuard and they are offering high-quality bike locks with the best  durability and reliability.

Each brand has its own unique specifications and features. You can check out my other articles for the brand details, their products reviews and much more on this website.

What is the budget for this type of bike locks?

If you have a $300 bike, you should expect to spend at least $25 to $30 for your bike lock. You may even spend a little more, especially if you find a lock that protects and secures your bike from theft.  For this, having a bike lock is mandatory.

The Bottom Line

If you are following the above strategies before you grab a one for you, then you get the best bike lock for your use.

Apart from this, there are many different advantages of this bike locks too; you can check more information regarding bike locks from my website.

Hope this simple buying guide on biking lock will help you to choose the right one for your bike.

You can shoot out any queries regarding the buying guide in the comment section below. Are you using any bike locks for your bike? What type are you using and how effective they are?