Kryptonite Bike Lock Review- What’s Special in it?


Are Kryptonite bike locks worthy of protecting your bikes are other valuables?  Of course!  When you start using Kryptonite bike locks, you’re trying to protect your bike from the worst.  Kryptonite can help prevent loss of your bike through its hardened performance steel shackle and bent foot design made to resist cutting.  Let’s learn more about Kryptonite bike locks…


About Kryptonite Bike Lock

Kryptonite bike locks have been expertly manufactured with a high quality, security disc cylinder. It also includes a new anti-floating function to move and adjust based on your needs.

Here is a YouTube video that discover about this Kryptonite bike locks.

You can make use of the patented deadbolt locking mechanism for complete bike theft protection. The locking mechanism has standard keys that help with the official registration and replacement program.  The Transit Flex Frame Bracket system is fit to a flexible spine that allows better fit and lock alignment in tight places.

Features of Kryptonite Bike Lock

There are several features included in the design of the Kryptonite bike lock system.  I will discuss the important and main features of the Kryptonite bike lock below.

  • Kryptonite Bike Lock Types – in general, there are several types of bike locks available on the market today, some of these are the Kryptonite Series 2 Standard Bike U-Lock, the Kryptonite Series 2 Mini Bike U-Lock, the Kryptonite Keeper Integrated Bike Lock Chain, etc.  Be sure to learn about the features of each type before making your purchase.
  • Kryptonite Keys – choose any one of the bike lock models from the Kryptonite brand with patented key locking mechanisms to keep your bikes safe from theftt. This key locking mechanism allows the locking plug to turned when unlocked by a key and only a key, making it difficult for someone to steal your bike.
  • Sturdy Construction – most Kryptonite bike locks are designed to last with rubber or a PVC sleeve on the frame, the coating provides extra protection for your bike and the lock itself.  It helps prevent corrosion and other rust formation so your lock will last longer.
  • Link implementation – chains are made and connected through links, but be sure to choose the right diameter and spacing to make it difficult for thieves to cut or pry open.  The right spacing gives you a more compact design but is also flexible and versatile.
  • Kryptonite’s Shackle – always verify the quality and type of shackle inside the bike lock itself. It may be a U-shaped lock or a padlock to protect your favorite bike from theft. The shackle is sturdy in nature to protect your bike completely. Kryptonite’s U-shaped lock is a new innovative outcome that perfectly locks your bike and protects it from theft.
  • Lightweight Bike Locks – Kryptonite bike lock is less weighted in a measure such that you can able to carry anywhere at any time. This high-quality bike lock weighs only up to 2.7kg for effective protection.
  • Weather Resistant Locks – Kryptonite bike locks are made to withstand the worst type of weather conditions and prevent the formation of rust and corrosion effectively.

Benefits of Kryptonite Bike Lock


Kryptonite bike locks come with several premium features including anti-theft measures, replacement keys and the ability to withstand attacks from a variety of tools.

With a rotating dust cover, the lock is protected.  This cover extends the life of your bike lock too.  The lock also has an anti-rattle bumper built in to keep lock rattle at a minimum.

The Kryptonite bike lock provides excellent service to customers who want to protect their valuables.  The bike lock is built to withstand attacks from thieves, tools and weather.

Kryptonite Bike Lock 

Special Feature:

Kryptonite bike lock has included with the anti-theft protection measure.

Key features:

+ 13mm hardened,

+ steel shackle.


+ drill resistant,

+ disc style cylinder.


+ Lock could be broken.

Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

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Lock your bike with any of the series from the Kryptonite bike lock models.  I hope this review helps you decide on a bike lock to prevent bike theft and protect your bike from problems.

There are many other different types of best bike locks available on the market today, if you’d like to read more about the various  brands, check out our reviews.