Kryptonite Evolution Mini-5 Review


This U-lock is great for quick stops in metropolitan areas and college campuses and also, overnight stops in suburban areas. The Evolution mini-5 comes with three stainless steel keys, one with an LED light for using convenience during night. The shaft has a bent foot design for ease of use. It also has a sliding dirt cover to keep dust and grime out of the lock cylinder. Kryptonite encourages the buyer to register for its proprietary KeySafe program that allows the buyer to have two replacement keys for no extra cost. The Mini-5 also comes with a bracelet for easy attachment and transport while riding. This product is offered under a lifetime warranty. It has a 13mm shackle with the interior locking dimension 3.25″ by 5.5″.
Kryptonite Evolution Mini-5

This product weighs a nimble 2.15 lbs (0.98 kgs) and hence very easy to carry around. The operation, however is smooth but not feather-light. Also, the installation instruction in the provided manual seems too complicated. This lock is not for locking bicycles to thick poles. It works well with a front locking skewer. It has the Silver Sold Secure rating, that is, in other words it provides High Security. Even Kryptonite rates this lock at 7 out of 10 on its own scale. The Mini-5 is coated in Vinyl that makes it weather resistant. The internal casing of the unit is, as claimed by Kryptonite, is reinforced thus increasing protection against twisting assault and leverage assaults. Also, the sleeve (reinforced) covering the cylinder and the crossbar provides increased protection. In addition to this, the special key location helps resisting leverage attacks whereas the overhead cam locking mechanism can protect form leverage attacks.

The Mini-5 has anti rattle bumpers that keep the shackle snugly held to the crossbar. The FlexFrameU will fit the bicycle frame tubing (25-80mm) very well, irrespective of its shape. This mounting system would allow complete 360 degree rotation permitting custom aligning with the bicycle frame shape. Kryptonite Evolution Mini-5 may seem somewhat small for mountain bikes, but will work very well with lighter city bicycles, especially if the owner uses the Sheldon method. There are reports that the lock often jams at extreme temperatures, one has to be extra careful while using it in extreme cold or hot weather. Sometimes, it may need considerable effort to turn the key to disengage the lock. Also, care needs to be taken that the bicycle doesn’t tip with all of its weight transferred on to the lock body. This may shock the lock mechanism rendering the lock to freeze and thus making the bicycle useless. What is worse is it may actually need to break the lock to free the bicycle. Now isn’t that embarrassing to pick your own lock?

It is recommended that the enrolment to the Anti-theft insurance be done within 14 days of the purchase of the lock as otherwise Kryptonite reserves the right to deny this feature.