How to lock a bike without a lock?


lock-without-bike-lockFor some reason if you want to secure a bicycle without a lock this is the article for you. Right at the onset lets accept that you cannot lock your bicycle without a lock. The title is misleading. However, you can make it very difficult for the thief to steal your bike if you observe the following practices. Although, it is not recommended that you leave your bicycle unlocked and unattended. You won’t do that if you loved your bicycle.

  1. Remove the front wheel and lug it around with you wherever you go. Chances are no one would be interested in one wheel short of your bicycle. It is very troublesome to walk with a bicycle with a wheel removed, forget riding. There is a substantial chance that you will find your bicycle where you parked unless someone drives away with it in a truck.
  1. Disengage the quick release levers. If someone tried to ride away with the bicycle the wheels will come off the assembly. But this will only be an effective way to stop the stealing if you are in the vicinity of the bicycle. The thief may fit the wheels in place and ride away without any obstruction.
  1. Disengage the chain on the chain ring. Let the chain hang out, slide in a piece of wire through the chain-links and twist the ends to make lump. This shortens the length of the chain and it will be very difficult to put it back on the rings trying to steal.
  1. One option is to unscrew the saddle and carry it along with you. What good is a bicycle without the seat? At the sight of the bicycle with no seat, the thief will lose the urge. However, this won’t work the thief tosses the bicycle into a truck and drives away.
  1. Use the helmet and its strap to secure the rear wheel. With the helmet close to the seat, run the strap through the wheel and fasten the clip. If someone tries to leave with the bicycle in a hurry, the helmet strap will give a bumpy ride. Thus buying you a little time to retrieve the situation and your bicycle.
  1. Leave the bicycle on the highest gear. This will not allow the thief to pedal off riding the bicycle. If the thief jumps on it, he will hurt himself and will be an easy catch.
  1. Carrying a rope may be handy. If you don’t have a lock on your bicycle, run the rope through the wheels and around the frame in a weaving pattern. If you are left with sufficient length of rope, weave it around both wheels. And finally, tie the extra length with a sturdy support. The thief will have three options:

(a) to cut the rope with a knife, but the rope is so long that it will take him 10-15 minutes to free the bicycle,

(b) to start unweaving the rope trial, this won’t be easy as the knots will be difficult to untie. And,

(c) to walk away.