How to prevent Bike Theft using different Bike Locks


Bike thefts are becoming a more common factor at present, a recent survey of the NCVS has stated that there were more than 1.4 million bicycle thefts happened in this year, the incidents are growing high instead of getting reduced. In this article, let’s know how this theft occurs and how to prevent it by choosing the right type of bike locks.

Techniques followed for Bike Theft

Below are the few tricks followed by the person for stealing your bike.


Thieves make use of the insert tools namely bars or jacks to lever the lock; they insert it in the gap between the bike left by the unfortunate fit lock and the stand. They will use lever as your bike frame and start rotating it against any stationary object like a stand to unlock the bike lock. This type of technology will help in breaking the bike or lock.


Thieves will make use of the chisel and hammer to separate the lock and the securing chain in case if a cyclist has left his bike with its bolt touching the ground or has left the string as it is.


The technique is too simple for the thieves as they used to it, they use bolt cutters, angle grinders, tin snips, hacksaws, etc. to cut the chains and locks to steal the bike.


If the bike is locked only with its frame, then it’s quite simple for the thief to remove the wheels.


Some locks will need keys for opening the bike, and this can be possible by inserting tools, this easily helps the thief to steal your bike.

Different Types of Locks

Proceed below to find the benefit and drawbacks of each lock so you will get an idea of which would be the right lock for your bike.

U Lock Benefits

  • If you are using your bike every day, then you can prefer them as they are best for daily use.
  • Capable of resisting chisels, leveraging, hammers and much more.
  • Less space between the bike lock and the stand, therefore less chance for the thief to break the lock.
  • There are different brands and manufacturer who offers warranty programs which makes you get the product.
  • There are different sizes of U locks, and so you can choose the preferred one, you can quickly lock frame and one wheel to any object.

U Lock Drawbacks

  • Takes more time for locking your bike.
  • The locks are designed to be bulky in size.
  • Locks with the keyed release which are difficult to pick. Go for flat ones instead of the tubular key or round shape.

Chain Lock Advantages

  • They are designed to be heavy duty bike locks.
  • More secure
  • Best bike locks for high crime areas
  • Resists chiseling, cutting and leveraging.

Chain Locks Disadvantages

  • You need to pair the bike lock with padlocks(sturdy) so that it cannot be cut, which is a complicated process to follow.
  • Bulky in size.

Cable Lock Pros

  • Best for low crime areas
  • Capable of securing any removable parts like the seat.
  • Most versatile bike lock.

Cable Lock Cons

  • Less protection
  • Easy to cut these type of locks when using hand tools.

Wheel and Seat Skewers Benefits

  • Best for high crime areas
  • With the help of locking screws, you can secure quick release parts with ease.

Wheel and Seat Skewers Cons

  • Needs a special wrench for the installation.
  • Not capable of using them alone to the bike lock.

Bottom Line

Hope the above guide helped to know about the different type of bike locks and how to reduce the bike theft evenly.

Any ideas, thoughts, and suggestions on the topic are welcome.

What Bike locks do you use for securing your bike? Share your experience with us through the comment section below.